Absorb Terms of Use


These terms govern how you may use Absorb.

Please make sure that you are happy with these terms before using Absorb, because by doing so you'll show that you accept these terms. If you don't agree to these terms, stop using Absorb immediately and delete all Absorb content that you have downloaded.

These terms replace all earlier terms related to the use of Absorb. From time to time, these terms may change. These terms were last updated on 14 May 2009.


Throughout these terms we assume the following meanings:

Term Meaning
"Absorb" or "Absorb content" Absorb courses, Absorb viewers and the AbsorbLearning.com website or part of these.
Absorb course An Absorb product comprised of number of Absorb units covering a subject at a specific level.
Absorb resources The videos, animations and photos from a particular Absorb course excluding the text and questions.
Absorb unit A self-contained lesson that combines Absorb resources, text and questions.
Absorb free sample An Absorb unit marked as "Free Sample" in the contents page of an Absorb course.
Absorb viewer A plug-in published specifically for Absorb that can be downloaded and installed. These are required for viewing certain types of Absorb content.
"you" or "your" The person or organisation who intends to use Absorb.
"us", "we" or "our" Sumdog Ltd, of 43 Queensferry Street Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4PF, Scotland
computer A workstation, terminal or other device on which Absorb can be displayed.


The copyright of all Absorb content is entirely owned by Sumdog Ltd and it licensors. Absorb is protected by international copyright law and applicable national laws.

Free Resources

Use of the Absorb resources and the Absorb free samples on Absorblearning.com is free of charge. However, you are not allowed to download any Absorb content unless you have purchased an Absorb product.

Linking directly to the Absorb resources, or reproducing the resources inside another system in any way, is not allowed. However, we encourage you to link to the resource description pages (i.e., the pages that have the "View" button). This ensures the source of the resource is clear, contextualised, and given proper copyright credit.

Absorb Products

All Absorb products are sold as School Site Licences.

If you have a school site licence for an Absorb product you can use the product on all computers located at a single postal address of your educational establishment as long as you have the correct licence size. There are three sizes of licences defined by the total number of pupils or students registered at your school:

  • Small School: 1-599 students
  • Medium School: 600-1199 students
  • Large School: 1200+ students

A school site licence also permits students and employees of the school to use the Absorb product at home.

Absorb Course Products
Buying an Absorb course, such as Absorb Chemistry, allows you to view and download its Absorb units and its Absorb resources.

Absorb Resources Products
For every Absorb course there is a corresponding Absorb resources product, such as Absorb Chemistry Resources. Buying an Absorb resources product allows you to download the Absorb resources from the corresponding Absorb course but not to view or download its Absorb units.

General Terms

With Absorb school site licences, you can store a copy of downloaded Absorb content in your content management system or virtual learning environment, as long as you have reasonable controls in place to prevent users from outside of your organisation accessing the downloaded content.

However, you are not allowed to:

  • distribute downloaded Absorb content outside of your organisation;
  • provide Absorb login information to people outside of your organisation;
  • rent, lease, loan or sub-license Absorb content;
  • broadcast Absorb beyond your home or organisation;
  • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or modify Absorb content.

We aim to provide continuous access to the AbsorbLearning.com website, however there will be occasions when the website will be unavailable so that it can undergo maintenance.

Other Terms

For licences which have been purchased, we warrant that Absorb products will perform substantially in accordance with the description of the product provided by Sumdog Ltd prior to purchase for a period of ninety days from purchase. Our entire liability, and your only remedy, shall be, at our sole discretion, either the return of the price you paid or a replacement delivery of the Absorb product to you. This limited warranty is void if the failure of Absorb is a result of an accident, abuse or misapplication.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we disclaim all other warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with regard to the Absorb product.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable for any other damages whatsoever arising out of the use or inability to use of Absorb, even if we have been notified about the possibility of such damages.