Terms and Conditions

When you access any part of AbsorbLearning.com - whether or not it is protected by a password - you show that you accept the following terms:

When you access content on AbsorbLearning.com that is protected by a password:
  • you must be a student or staff member at a school or institution that has an active account for that Absorb subject.
  • you show that you accept both these terms, and the terms of your school or institution's Absorb License Agreement; these terms form part of that Agreement.

The full terms and conditions for using AbsorbLearning.com are described in the Absorb License Agreement. To introduce them, we have included a summary of some of the key features below.

...you may:
  • access subjects on AbsorbLearning.com for which your school or institution has an active account, as long as you have been given valid login details
...you must:
  • keep private any login details which you are given, and not let any other person find out what they are
  • let us know straight away if you think an unauthorised person knows your login details, or if someone has been accessing AbsorbLearning.com without permission
  • let us know straight away if someone's been using AbsorbLearning.com in a way that goes against these terms
...you must not:
  • copy any content, or let any any other people access it, except in the way we've described in these terms
  • create anything which is based on content from AbsorbLearning.com
  • try to access parts of the site that you've not been granted access to
  • use AbsorbLearning.com in any way which is forbidden in the Service Agreement, or which is illegal, or which might affect another person in a negative way
...you accept that:
  • we'll do our best to make sure that the site will always be available, or free from problems, but we can't guarantee it
  • we might change or modify parts of AbsorbLearning.com as time goes on
  • all of the content is owned by Sumdog Ltd, or its licensors
  • we'll need your email address (or the email address of a designated administrator at your institution) to give you login details, look after your account and let you know about updates to AbsorbLearning.com, but we'll not pass it on to anyone else without your permission

This is a summary of some key points from the Absorb License Agreement, and you should make sure that you understand and accept the Absorb License Agreement before accessing areas of AbsorbLearning.com that are protected by a password. If there's something in these terms that you don't understand, please contact Sumdog Ltd for clarification before accessing any area of AbsorbLearning.com, because when you access AbsorbLearning.com, you are showing that you accept these terms and the terms of the Absorb License Agreement. If these terms are found to conflict with the terms of the Absorb License Agreement, the Absorb License Agreement will be held to be correct.

Please contact Sumdog Ltd at support@absorblearning.com with any issues concerning these terms and conditions.